Empowering women to overcome
people-pleasing habits, embrace worthiness,
and accelerate confidence

in discovering their authentic voice!

Sensationally rewire by using the VITA methodology of “parts” work, breathwork, somatic healing, meditation, embodiment, and pleasure practices to create lasting change, allowing you to reclaim your energy, & confidently live your desires!

what we provide

Are you already on the spiritual path to creating wholeness?

Have you been on a journey of Self-discovery or healing and are open and curious about how far you could go, or how strong and powerful you can become?

Does self-development, focused on your deepest desires, light up your Soul? Are you someone that enjoys taking action steps towards living your desires?

Do you know that by becoming aware of your blind spots you will up-level to feeling worthy enough to put yourself first in all areas of your life?

Are you ready for playful, interactive sessions that reveal the parts of you that are begging to be updated?

Do you delight in the magic of the Divine Feminine and desire to have a deeper connection to Her through your own beautiful body?

Frequently asked questions

But will this work for me?

We know self work can feel overwhelming, so we want to make sure Wolf & Moon Coaching will work for you!


On this Journey

What to Expect

A guided transformational healing journey towards illuminating your truest, Highest Self for your greatest good! Co-creating actionable steps to move forward towards your desires.

Updating your nervous system’s iOS through somatic techniques like breath work, self-pleasure practices, movement, sounding, embodiment, & guided meditation.

Practices that promote exploring parts of ourselves that have been hidden, dormant, underdeveloped or untended and accessing those to uncover deeper knowing.

What it Isn’t

Talk Therapy

Lindsay is such a warm and welcoming presence. Through her guided journeys, I was able to travel through realms of my heart and mind and help sooth my inner child and create space for growth.

– Zoe

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Lindsay has helped me to engage with my divine feminine strength helping me to channel my inner wisdom and trust myself so that I can remain more present and grounded in day to day life.

– Elena

"Surface Level"

Lindsay artfully ebbed and flowed with me as I explored my desires and helped me to identify my needs. I am stepping into my truest self after working with Lindsay! She is a healer in the purest, gentlest form!!

– Heidi

OUR Offerings

Practices to create lasting change

Intimacy Sessions

Intimacy Sessions awaken your core desires, unlock the messages and sensations in your body, your deepest wisdoms, rewire your nervous system, and up-level you to move through life with pleasure and ease!


  • 6 – 75 min Zoom sessions
  • Synthesized text & digestible voice notes from the sessions!
  • Voice notes from Lindsay!
  • Co-created action-steps to ensure lasting upgrades!


Pleasure Practices

Weaving pleasure into heavier, stuck, emotions is scientifically proven to help integrate the disconnected parts of the self, allowing you to feel enlivened & liberated!


  • 6 – 75 minute Zoom sessions that include time to drop-in, and for post-practice integration

  • Supports vitality of the pelvic floor and sexual organs, even those that have been removed!

  • Heart opening, womb (or the energy of) and yoni healing practices!

  • Voice notes from Lindsay!


Pre & Post Ceremony Package

Whenever you feel called to Journey into the Self with support of Earth’s Medicine, you don’t have to do it alone! Lindsay will support you and help you apply what you’ve just discovered to help inspire your next chapter of life!


  • 2 – 75 min Pre-Ceremony Zoom sessions

  • 3 – 75 min Integration Zoom sessions

  • Synthesized text & digestible voice notes from the sessions!

  • Tools that are scientifically proven to rewire the nervous system!



Meet Lindsay

Lindsay is a healer. First of Self, and for those who feel called to meet and build greater self intimacy. She is on this earth to create space, grounding and support for those who are willing and ready to share in the power of Self-healing and developing an intimate relationship with our innermost Selves. She is kind, gentle, caring and supportive. Welcoming, validating, curious without judgment, intuitive and spacious, she serves as a witness, a scribe and a teacher to her clients. Empowering them to elevate their personal growth journey and together, they design new ways of being by clearing pathways for expansion. Lindsay has earned her masters of science in counseling, her massage practitioner’s certification, has worked intimately with clients doing hair and make up for over 12 years, has worked for a confidential sexual assault resource on the central coast of California, is active both as a participant and support in self-development workshops and retreats, and continues to do education in the VITA methodology, while also supporting students in the 2023 and 2024 cohorts. 

She is a lover to her partner Sean

a mama to their sister-kitties Luna and Soleil  

she is a hot yoga-going, wilderness-loving, feather collecting